College Football Playoff party crashers: Seven teams that can invade the exclusive field this season

The College Football Playoff has been an exclusive club. How exclusive? Of the 20 available slots (four per year for five years), only 10 teams have played in the CFP.

How exclusive? Three of those 10 teams have accounted for all five CFP National Championships. How exclusive? The No. 2 (Alabama), No. 3 (Ohio State) and No. 4 (Clemson) teams in this week's AP Top 25 own all those titles.

That makes No. 1 LSU an "outlier."

Maybe in this Season of Chalk there can be some variety. With a week to go until the first release of the CFP Rankings, CBS Sports had an idea. We decided to determine which teams actually have the best chance to break through the ceiling to the playoff for the first time?

This is hope, sort of. If you don't think your team has a chance to gain access, consider this: Of the 20 total teams that debuted in the top four in Week 1 of the CFP Rankings historically, only 11 have survived their remaining schedule to make it the playoff field at the end of the season.

Almost two-thirds of the way through the regular season and seven days until those first rankings, here is a ranking of teams that can become party crashers to that exclusive CFP club.

Teams ranked in likelihood of order to crash the CFP party | Schedule strength listed below is the NCAA's regular-season cumulative ranking

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