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Three to four games isn't enough to tell us the entire story of a football team, but it's enough to give us solid footing to form opinions ... and I'm starting to form some opinions. After Week 3 of the college football season, The Bottom 25 is abound with familiar teams, as well as the tourist programs that sometimes get lost on their way to mid-conference mediocrity.

When I look among the familiar faces, the Bottom 25 Playoff contenders are starting to emerge. Things will change in the coming weeks as conference play takes over -- that will knock a lot of these MAC teams from the rankings -- but the teams that currently constitute The Bottom 10 have thus far looked like teams that don't intend to stray far from the bottom of the pack. 

That said, we have a new No. 1 team this week thanks to Akron's win over Bryant, but it probably isn't what you're expecting to see. So which team is it? Well, the rankings are right below here. Honestly, I'm surprised you've read this far without already scrolling down.

No Longer Ranked: Eastern Michigan (24), Bowling Green (23), Louisiana (22), East Carolina (18), Georgia State (7)