A few weeks ago, following a 31-10 loss to Michigan State that saw his Northwestern team fall to 1-2 on the season, Pat Fitzgerald had a message for anybody who criticized his team's offense. At that point, the Wildcats had managed to score 47 points through three games, with 30 of them coming against UNLV.

"I understand there are 40,000 experts on Twitter that can call plays for me," said Fitzgerald during his weekly press conference. "My email address is hashtag I don't care."

Based on the last two weeks, he still doesn't care. Northwestern has lost two road games since to Wisconsin and Nebraska, scoring only 25 points in the process. The Wildcats are averaging 14.4 points per game through five games, which ranks 13th in the Big Ten (thanks, Rutgers), and 129th nationally (thanks again, Rutgers). All while Northwestern's defense has been excellent.

The results of hashtag not caring what people think about your offense? Hashtag welcome to The Bottom 25, Northwestern.

No Longer Ranked: FIU (9), Middle Tennessee (13), South Florida (19), Ball State (21), Ohio (22)

Week 6 Superlatives

As many of you know, I rank all 130 teams using a mathematical formula I created. That system is how I compile the Bottom 25, but for those of you interested in how the rest of the rankings look, you can see them all right here (it's updated weekly after The Bottom 25 is published). I will also be sharing some weekly superlatives from the rankings here in The Bottom 25.

Highest Climber: Iowa State moved up 22 spots from No. 63 to No. 41 this week following a 25-point win over TCU. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering Iowa State's two losses have come by a total of three points against Iowa and Baylor.

Biggest Faller: This week it's Eastern Michigan, which tumbled 27 spots. The Eagles' 42-16 loss to Central Michigan knocked them from No. 52 to No. 79, which is still two spots ahead of the Illinois team it beat a few weeks ago.

Most Fraudulent 1-Loss Team: Listen, Minnesota is still the Most Fraudulent Undefeated team, but it moved up to No. 23 at least, so I figured I'd give it a break this week. Instead, we'll talk about a 4-1 Louisiana Tech team that ranks 49th behind 11 two-loss teams.

Most Fraudulent 3-2 Team: It's Nevada. The Wolf Pack are at No. 95 in my rankings despite the winning record. Their three wins are against Weber State and two Bottom 25 teams in Purdue and UTEP.

Most Average Team: Congratulations, Utah State. At 3-2 you're ranked at No. 64 with a score that is 1.95 percent above the national average.

Best 2-3 Team: My rankings aren't predictive, but good things usually happen to the teams with the best losing records in them. That's good news for South Carolina, which is at No. 78 and ranked higher than any other team with more losses than wins.