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It was a week filled with good news and bad news for the SEC in The Bottom 25. The good news is that two of the three SEC teams in The Bottom Five last week won games and climbed out. The bad news is they didn't climb far enough to escape The Bottom 25 entirely.

Then there's South Carolina, which did manage to escape our rankings this week after beating No. 1 Vanderbilt. That's good news for the SEC. The bad news for the SEC is that two new SEC teams replaced South Carolina. So the conference went from having four teams in The Bottom 25 last week to five this week.

Of course, the best news for the SEC is that we're not far away from the Big Ten beginning its season, and then the Pac-12 and Mountain West behind it. So the spots it's currently filling might be filled with others shortly.

How I'm going to properly rank teams that have played one game against others that have played six, I'm not sure, but that's my problem. Not the SEC's or yours.

Anyway, onto this week's rankings!

No Longer Ranked: Oklahoma (24), Arkansas State (21), Georgia Tech (19), South Carolina (11), Charlotte (10)