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I'll give this to Nebraska fans: they're passionate. Like any fanbase, there's a certain portion of it that's unhinged. But whether they're thinking logically or illogically, they're doing so with feeling -- feelings they aren't afraid to let you know about.

This is why when the Cornhuskers were 0-2 and had had a game canceled through the first few weeks of the season, I received a lot of angry emails and messages from fans because they were ranked in The Bottom 25. I can't repeat all of the words I was called, but rest assured that the general feeling amongst a portion of Nebraska fans was that I'm not intelligent and that these rankings are evil and cruel.

Then, when Nebraska beat Penn State, I received a couple of "I told you so, stupid" types of messages because beating a winless Penn State team that outgained you by 203 yards in the game was proof Nebraska was actually good. Well, we came full circle on Saturday. It was during the midst of Nebraska's 41-23 loss to Illinois -- who was at No. 24 in last week's Bottom 25 -- at home when I began to receive messages from Nebraska fans asking me to put them in The Bottom 25 this week.

Honestly, I considered leaving the Cornhuskers out just to spite them for the angry messages earlier this season, but I couldn't. I will never alter the process that leads to these rankings (for newcomers, these aren't based on opinion, but a rating system). So, congratulations, Nebraska fans. You're back in. 

No Longer Ranked: Middle Tennessee (25), Illinois (24), East Carolina (18), Oregon State (17)