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We're starting to see more stability in The Bottom 25, but we also see remnants of smaller sample sizes. For some, the results of those sample sizes will be hilarious. For others, well, I'm probably going to get yelled at for things outside of my control this week.

You see, while there are three fewer SEC teams in The Bottom 25 this week, we do have four 0-2 SEC teams remaining, and three of them are in The Bottom Five. Yes, that's right, thanks to a lack of games to balance out losing performances, three of the five worst teams in the country call the SEC home.

Now, to shield myself a bit, I want all of you angry SEC fans to know that, for the first time in program history, Oklahoma has joined The Bottom 25.

Boomer Sooner, everybody! 

No Longer Ranked: Georgia State (22), Arkansas (16), LSU (14), Ole Miss (7)