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There's been a lot of media discussion about the recent decision to expand the College Football Playoff, but where was that talk last December? That's when The Bottom 25, the most innovative, forward-thinking college football ranking in existence, expanded its playoff to 12 schools. Why hasn't The Bottom 25 received the same kind of media blitz the College Football Playoff has?

Could it be that the evil forces behind the CFP are holding The Bottom 25 down? I don't know, but I can't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they aren't, and neither can you. So until that happens, we must continue asking the question!

Another question you might ask is, "what is The Bottom 25?" Well, I already told you it's the most innovative, forward-thinking college football ranking in existence, and it's true because this is the only poll in the land that ranks the 25 worst teams in college football. And, unlike those other polls with their biases towards teams with recognizable names and helmets, there is no opinion or projection evident in The Bottom 25. This is strictly results based.

The rating system I use for these rankings is strictly reactive. Each season, every team starts with the same rating, and that rating increases or decreases based on performance in games of that season. Alabama's recruiting rankings and Georgia's national title don't matter here. They start the year in the same spot as defending Bottom 25 Playoff Champion UMass.

As a result, early-season rankings can be a bit volatile. So keep that in mind before you overreact to what you see here following Week 1. Or just overreact. That's fine too. Onto this week's rankings!