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Last week was an excellent week for The Bottom 25. I told you how 15 winless teams were remaining, which was a significant increase over what we'd typically see this late in the season. Well, we were able to get rid of a few of those teams still searching for their first victory.

We are down to 10 winless teams, and one of them is an 0-2 Arizona State. Congratulations to Eastern Michigan, Utah, Cal, Akron and New Mexico for all getting on the board last week. For some of you, it was enough to get out of The Bottom 25 altogether. For others, not so much, but that's OK! You have a win, and that's better than none!

As for the departures, they left vacancies for new teams, and our newbies this week have a Power Five flavor to them. We welcome the previously mentioned Arizona State, Duke, Navy, Tennessee and Mississippi State. Something tells me that, given it's the first year of his tenure, Mississippi State fans won't be too upset with Mike Leach for showing up here.

Tennessee fans? Yeah, the patience is running thin in that fanbase (out of character, I know) with Jeremy Pruitt, and I can't help but believe an appearance in The Bottom 25 following six straight losses won't improve the relationship.

The full rankings are below.

No Longer Ranked: Nebraska (24), Penn State (22), Eastern Michigan (17), Utah (16), Cal (12)