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The Pac-12 does not receive a lot of respect from the college football nation. In this week's AP Top 25 Poll and Coaches Poll, you'll find only two Pac-12 teams. There's Oregon up there in the top 10, hanging on with one hand while trying not to drop the league's College Football Playoff hopes with the other. As you get further down, you'll find a 5-1 Arizona State team closer to No. 20 than you'd typically find a Power Five team with such a record at this point in the season. It's usually an area reserved for the Group of Five.

These polls do not respect our nation's western residents. The Bottom 25 does, though. Yes, there are only five Power Five schools ranked in our poll this week, and three Pac-12 teams call The Bottom 25 home. And The Bottom 25 is proud to have them. We hold no judgment here. The Bottom 25 understands that every game must have a winner and a loser, and The Bottom 25 does not shun the loser for fulfilling a role.

So, welcome, Pac-12. Take off your Birkenstocks and stay awhile.

No Longer Ranked: No. 19 Texas State, No. 16 Georgia State