Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany will step down from his post on June 30, 2020. Delany announced his decision to retire in March, and he'll do so having accomplished quite a lot during his 30 years with the Big Ten.

He helped usher in a new era that saw the creation of the Big Ten Championship Game in football, as well as the Big Ten Network, which has been a financial boon for the conference. What Delany couldn't have known was that the Big Ten Network would lead to the crowning achievement of his career.

You see, while Delany helped bring Penn State into the Big Ten in 1993, the real conference alignment craze didn't begin until the Big Ten Network was born, and conferences realized how much more money they could earn adding schools. More schools meant more cable boxes with the BTN on it, and more cable boxes with BTN meant more money for the Big Ten.

So he added Nebraska and then went after Maryland and Rutgers. Now, the latter two have finally rewarded Delaney for his efforts, as both are ranked in The Bottom 25 this week.

Surely this is the future Jim Delany envisioned. If only Nebraska were here to join them, but, alas, the Cornhuskers have too many wins. Oh well, you can't have everything.

No Longer Ranked: Tulsa (19), ULM (21)

Week 11 Superlatives

As many of you know, I rank all 130 teams using a mathematical formula I created. That system is how I compile the Bottom 25, but for those of you interested in how the rest of the rankings look, you can see them all right here (it's updated weekly after The Bottom 25 is published). I will also be sharing some weekly superlatives from the rankings here in The Bottom 25.

Highest Climbers: It's a tie between Cal and Texas Tech this week, so they now have something in common besides the Dykes family. Cal moved up 20 spots from No. 78 to No. 58 after beating Washington State, while Texas Tech went from No. 95 to No. 75 after beating West Virginia.

Biggest Fallers: It's another tie! NC State dropped 16 spots from No. 83 to No. 99 after getting pasted by Clemson. Georgia Southern fared better overall, but that didn't stop it from falling from No. 77 to No. 93.

Most Average Team: Florida State beat Boston College over the weekend, putting an end to its losing streak and keeping Odell Haggins' record as an interim coach perfect. It also resulted in the Noles having a score that is 0.28 percent above average at No. 61 overall.

Most Fraudulent 1-loss team: This honor goes to 8-1 Boise State, which beat Wyoming over the weekend. The Broncos are ranked No. 23 this week, though the gap between them and No. 22 Louisiana Tech is almost nonexistent.

Most Fraudulent 2-loss team: The Most Fraudulent two-loss team this week was the most fraudulent one-loss team last week. San Diego State fell from No. 31 to No. 36 after losing to Nevada. The fact the Aztecs fell only five spots is pretty indicative of how high my ratings were on them in the first place. Not only are the Aztecs ranked below eight three-loss teams, but they're only three spots ahead of a four-loss Washington squad. That could be good news for the Fresno State team they'll play this week.

Best Team with a Losing Record: It's North Carolina. It's always North Carolina. I might as well name this The North Carolina of the Week and just give it to the Heels. Anyway, at 4-5 the Heels are ranked No. 65. They're ahead of six teams with a winning record.

Worst Team with a Winning Record: One of those teams behind North Carolina is Georgia Southern. As mentioned above, the Eagles were one of the biggest fallers this week, and as a result they're now the lowest-ranked team with a winning record. They're at No. 93 behind 22 teams with a losing record, including four six-loss teams.