College football resume rankings: UCF makes its debut in top 10 after win over Cincinnati

Do you think UCF will be more excited about cracking the top 10 in the College Football Playoff Rankings or the Resume Rankings? Odds are it's the CFP Rankings, but I like to think they're related. After all, these rankings are put together based on the fact the committee has shown a tendency to value wins over ranked teams over the past four years. I don't think it's a coincidence that as soon as the Knights beat a ranked Cincinnati team, they moved into the top 10 in both sets of rankings.

The problem the Knights now face in these rankings is the same one they face in the CFP: they don't have any more games left against ranked teams. If they beat South Florida this week -- and they should -- they'll face either Houston and Memphis, and the odds of either being ranked for that game are slim at best.

As for how things stack up elsewhere in the top 10, there's plenty of opportunity for movement this weekend. If this is your first time seeing these rankings, and you aren't sure how it all works, you can read about the simple yet effective process we use right here.

Resume Rankings through Week 12


  • Notre Dame returned to the top spot this week following its 36-3 win over No. 12 Syracuse. The win was worth 8.3 resume points, which lifted the Irish from No. 3 to No. 1. It's not the first time they've been ranked there this season, as their win over the Organge was their fourth win over a ranked team this season. This week they face an unranked USC, and they do not have a conference championship to play, so while they're No. 1 now, odds are they won't stay there.
  • I wrote last week about how much help Washington State needs to reach the playoff, and nothing has changed this week. The Cougars are No. 9 in these rankings with 14.7 points. They play No. 16 Washington this week in the Apple Cup. A win over the Huskies would be worth a minimum of 4.1 points, which would give the Cougars 18.8 resume points. That would bump them up to No. 8 right now. To crack the top five next week, they'd have to beat Washington by at least 68 points. This is not likely to happen. Still, not all hope is lost because if the Cougars do beat Washington they'll get another shot to add points against a Utah team currently ranked No. 17 in the Pac-12 Championship Game.
  • Just in case either Michigan or Ohio State need some extra motivation this weekend, a win for the Wolverines would be worth at least 6.1 resume points. An Ohio State win would be worth at least 7.1 resume points. That would leave the winner in our top four next week before they play Northwestern in the Big Ten title game. This is why even if I don't think it's likely to happen myself, Ohio State does still have the potential to reach the playoff if it wins out. Yes, it has flaws, but it'll also have a strong resume. 
  • I've already said plenty about Oklahoma this week, and I'm not interested in seeing my inbox fill up with more angry emails, but I'm sure you've noticed Oklahoma isn't in the top 10 here. It hasn't been there most of the season. The reason for this is because the Sooners haven't beaten a single team that was ranked when they played them. If you use current rankings, Oklahoma does have a win over No. 25 Iowa State. I'm not sure why this doesn't come up more often when discussing Oklahoma and its playoff case. In a way, Oklahoma's defense being so bad is doing it a favor because it's distracting us all from a resume that isn't very impressive. Now, saying that, Oklahoma's offense is very impressive. And that's what is propping it up more than anything in the CFP Rankings.
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