College football selection meets discussing recusal, rankings

The College Football Playoff selection committee begins two days of meetings Tuesday in Grapevine, Texas.

On the agenda is selection procedures, number of in-season rankings and recusal policy. Of immediate interest: The recusal policy -- whatever it is -- will be recommended to the Management Committee (10 FBS commissioners).

Should be an interesting policy. The 13 members of the selection committee hold at least 22 degrees. As far as the rankings, the committee is on record saying it will release some number of top 25 rankings during the season.

Generally speaking, we've been led to believe this is going to be like the basketball committee. In that setting, committee members are required to leave the room when their teams are discussed for the bracket. But in football what is "their" team when they have a degree from one place and have coached at another?

The small sample size of games invites that kind of scrutiny. Lloyd Carr is a good example. He coached at Michigan, played Notre Dame a lot as a rival and tried to beat the Pac-10 in the Rose Bowl. What are his recusals, if any, beyond Michigan? 

Can members vote on their alma mater but not a former/current employer? Do 13 members blend out any of that? We don't know. 

Stay tuned. The committee next meets April 2-3 in Dallas.

Meanwhile, munch on this. The CFP released this list of FAQs.

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