College Station's The Dixie Chicken remains a staple of Texas A&M gamedays

Texas has long been known for its food selection, and no place in College Station embodies that tradition better than The Dixie Chicken. Founded in 1974, The Dixie Chicken has spent the last 43 years serving Texas A&M students and alumni, along with everyone else in College Station. It's an Aggie tradition, and it's all about the food.

Whether fans are getting appetizers with the best-selling Tijuana Fries or enjoying a half-pound Freddy Burger, The Dixie Chicken has phenomenal food for anyone looking to grab a bite. That, combined with the authentic, rustic feeling of the restaurant draws Aggies current and past. 

The Dixie Chicken also -- ahem-- circumvents a Texas law that requires restaurants serve food with alcohol on Sundays. So The Dixie Chicken gives patrons crackers, cheese and sausage as a quick snack to eat alongside their spirits. It's a fast, efficient way to keep people happy while also staying within the letter of the law.

Visitors can carve their names into the wooden tables to commemorate their visits, and those types of traditions are what make The Dixie Chicken unique. It's a place with great food, but that's just the start of the charm of the College Station staple.

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