A 20-year old Colorado State football player was going door-to-door at his part-time roofing job in Loveland, Colorado, when he was ordered to the ground at gunpoint by a 65-year old resident in the neighborhood.  Loveland Police told there is no evidence that the player, or his 27-year old co-worker, did anything wrong when Scott Gudmundsen called police and said there were two "Antifa guys" in neighborhood that he was going out to "confront" them. 

When police arrived, Gundmundsen was dressed in fatigues and holding the two roofing company employees on the ground at gunpoint. 

Gundmundsen was arrested and charged with two counts of felony menacing and two counts of false imprisonment. 

Police have not made the names of the victims public, nor has Colorado State confirmed the identity of the football player. A letter was sent to CSU students on Friday night to address the incident, signed by Colorado State President Joyce McConnell, athletic director Joe Parker and football coach Steve Addazio. 

"Our student is a young man of color, while the perpetrator is white," a portion of the letter said, via 9News. "Regardless of what investigators learn or reasons the perpetrator gives, we know this: Our student got up Thursday morning, worked out with his team, then showered, dressed, and went to work. Hours later, he was facing a stranger with a gun and hearing police sirens that had been inexplicably called on him. Given what we have seen happening in cities across this county, we know all too well that this encounter could have proceeded very differently." 

Both Loveland Police and Colorado State University have expressed their concern for the victims' well-being and indicated that the full range of support services will be made available to help them process the scary incident in the weeks and months to come. Gundmundsen is scheduled to be in court on June 18 and a man who identified himself as the perpetrator's son has offered an apology while noting his father is "currently undergoing treatment at a mental health facility." 

"Our sincerest thoughts go out to the two salesmen and we apologize to them and their families for the actions of our father and wish them well," Scott Gundmundsen's son, Stanley Gundmundsen,  wrote in a message to 9News.