Columbia police open investigation into Menu Courey rape allegation

Columbia (Mo.) police confirmed Monday that after receiving additional information from the University of Missouri, they have opened an investigation into the alleged 2010 rape of deceased Missouri swimmer Sasha Menu Courey. 

"Our detectives will take a look at the information and determine what leads need to be followed, and what needs to happen next," Sgt. Joe Bernhard said, per ESPN. "Cases like this are problematic when there's a four-year delay and no victim."

ESPN reported Friday that university officials had neither reported to law enforcement nor opened their own investigation into Menu Courey's allegation after becoming aware of it through records searches and a Columbia Daily-Tribune news article in 2012. ESPN's report contends the school was required to do so by Title IX.

Missouri responded that neither Menu Courey nor her parents had filed a complaint with the school, and that officials believed they were acting in accordance with their wishes. After learning of Menu Courey's account -- which before her suicide in June 2011 had only been provided to health care providers, who were not obligated to share it with the university or law enforcement -- school spokesperson Chad Moller said Missouri had asked Menu Courey's parents if they desired an investigation, only to receive no response. Menu Courey's parents told ESPN they wanted an investigation, but had not responded to Missouri because they had lost faith in the school's good will.

Nonetheless, after determining the address where the alleged incident took place, which is off-campus and outside of campus police jursidiction, Missouri provided Columbia PD with information over the weekend. On Sunday, University of Missouri System President Timothy Wolfe called for an independent review of the school's handling of the incident.

Menu Courey told health care providers and -- her journal claimed -- an academic advisor in 2010 and 2011 that she had been raped in February 2010, by a man she believed to be a Missouri football player. The academic advisor, Meghan Anderson, denied that Menu Courey had told her she had been assaulted.

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