Dak Prescott explains how Tony Romo, Kellen Moore help him win

It's a very special quarterback situation within the Dallas Cowboys' organization in 2016, enviable by at least 30 other NFL teams.

The journey to get to this point was a terrifying one for a club that saw 2015 backup Kellen Moore go down with a broken leg in August, followed by veteran Tony Romo suffering a fractured vertebra with opening day just over two weeks away.

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It all resulted in rookie Dak Prescott being thrust from a third-string, fourth-round pick to the starting QB for the most beloved/hated organization in football.

And the rest is history.

The team brought in Mark Sanchez to help shore up the depth chart until Romo fully recovered, and now Prescott is seeing the fruits of having three seasoned veterans all pulling for him to succeed.

He explained in detail, per SportsDayDFW, just how each has contributed to his legendary rookie season.

On Romo:

"He's been great, helping me out every day on the field, off the field, come Sundays, giving me looks and telling me things that he's done in the past to beat this coverage or things to look for. 'We scored on those two drives in a row, expect a blitz now, expect them to throw their gameplan away.' All kinds of things Romo has helped me with. He's been great."

On Sanchez:

"[Every game] he grabs me and tells me to make sure I take 15-30 minutes to soak it all in and enjoy it. Mark has been great. I guess he's been my mental coach if anyone has been about what we need to do this drive, what we need to do to get going."

On Moore:

"[He's] a genius behind the scenes, who doesn't get enough credit for what he does helping me out and helping this offense out. ... He's an offensive coordinator in his own mind. He's simply a genius when it comes to helping Coach Linehan out and early in the week giving looks, helping me out with things the defense does, maybe little keys here and there to tip me off or coverages or blitzes."

Few first-year signal callers are lucky enough to have even a single veteran willing to push them to greater heights, but Prescott has three -- including the most prolific passer in Cowboys' history, whom also graciously conceded his post after seeing what Prescott was capable of.

The former Mississippi State University standout has soaked it all in and punished opposing NFL defenses along the way, while working to become the first rookie in NFL history to ever start and win a Super Bowl.

He certainly has the right support system to help him do it.

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