Damore'ea Stringfellow transferring to Ole Miss

Remember a few weeks ago when receiver Damore'ea Stringfellow said he'd filed his transfer papers with Nebraska? Yeah, well, it seems they weren't filed all the way, or maybe they fell out of the file as they were putting it into the file cabinet. Whatever happened, Stringfellow is now transferring to Ole Miss.

Don't eat your jerseys, Damore'ea, you need them to wear during the game. Plus they have no nutritional value.

Stringfellow was suspended indefinitely in February following an incident with Washington quarterback Cyler Miles. Stringfellow was accused of punching a man and was eventually charged for fourth degree assault. The school reinstated Miles to the team in May after he wasn't charged, but the school announced Stringfellow would transfer after he pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors.

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