Dantonio: Big Ten champion should be considered for BCS title game

Mark Dantonio believes the Big Ten champion should be considered for the BCS title game.  (USATSI)
Mark Dantonio believes the Big Ten champion should be considered for the BCS title game. (USATSI)

Ohio State should be in the BCS title game if it beats Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship Game, according to Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio.

Dantonio is not ready to concede the league title to the undefeated Buckeyes, but with SEC fans arguing for inclusion in the title picture the question of "who deserves it more" is the college football debate du jour.

"I do believe, should Ohio State win, that they should represent in the national championship game," Dantonio said via ESPN.com. "I think that when you have an undefeated football team, that's the right thing to do....That's my tip of the hat to Ohio State."

The Michigan State coach took the argument a step further, adding that the Spartans should not be eliminated from consideration before heading into a weekend filled with conference championships. Dantonio points out what we have witnessed in the last month; that anything can happen in college football. 

"Why not us, if certain scenarios take place, which obviously last weekend you saw a lot of scenarios take place," Dantonio said. "There are no givens in college football. Anybody can rise up to beat someone else. That ball bounces a lot of different ways.

"The fact of the matter is we're 11-1 right now, we're playing in a championship environment. And we'll move from there. Don't limit yourself. Dream big. That's what I tell my football team."

Realistically, Michigan State is likely in the comfortable position of being Rose Bowl bound regardless of Saturday's outcome. If Ohio State wins, the chances are good that the Buckeyes play for the national championship and the Rose Bowl, wanting to keep its bowl partner happy, would pick Michigan State. If Michigan State knocks off Ohio State, the Spartans are likely headed to Pasadena as Big Ten champions.

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