Devon Gales has, unfortunately, endured another setback. This time, the setback involves his family, too.

Gales, as you may recall, is the Southern University football player who sustained a serious spinal injury against Georgia last September. A strong bond between Gales and Georgia blossomed in the months to follow as the Bulldogs supported Gales while he was in the hospital recovering. He was left in a wheelchair, and soon after the accident, Georgia helped pay for some of the family's expenses.

In February at a press conference, Gales and his family found out they would be receiving a modified, handicap-accessible house courtesy of the Triumph for Tragedy Foundation. (That house had yet to be built.)

Sadly, according to Dawg Nation, the Gales' current house is one of hundreds that has been badly damaged from the recent flooding in Baton Rouge. The silver lining, though, is that Georgia is coming to aid the Gales family once again.

Bryant Gantt, Georgia football's director of player wellness, flew the Gales family to Atlanta via Delta Airlines and picked them up at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Sunday.

"They're fine," Gantt said in a text message. "They are with me now."

It's good to know the Gales family is alright, but this is obviously a tough situation for a family already dealing with a big obstacle.

Elsewhere, South Carolina is providing relief help to Baton Rouge. Last year, LSU helped South Carolina when flooding ravaged the area. In all, the flooding in Louisiana has affected more than 32,000 people.

Anyone wishing to provide a donation to the Gales family can do so in the following link: