D.J. Fluker tweets about taking money, says account was hacked

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D.J. Fluker said he didn't send a tweet claiming he accepted money at Alabama. (USATSI)

Late Monday, former Alabama offensive lineman D.J. Fluker, who is getting ready for the NFL Draft this week, seemingly tweeted that he took money while in college.

"Yea I took $ n college so wat," said the tweet. "I did wat i had to do. Agents was tryin to pimp me so I pimped them. Cast da first stone."

This is the kind of tweet that would shake the college football world.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but this is the Internet and nothing is ever really erased. Screenshots of the tweet quickly spread throughout Twitter.

It was not long before Fluker claimed that his account was hacked and that he did not send the tweet.

“We know who did this,” said Fluker's agent Deryk Gilmore. “This is totally fiction, but I’m waiting to get some proof. I’ve been on the phone with Twitter.”

“I’ll tell you, of course, this wasn’t him. It was bullshit, and it’s a shame. And anyone who believes it was him and wants to believe the worst, you go ahead and do it."

Now, the "my account was hacked" excuse is used an awful lot on Twitter after a controversial tweet, and most of the time I don't buy the excuse. However, I tend to believe that Fluker's Twitter account was actually hacked.

First of all, why in the world would Fluker suddenly tweet that days before the NFL Draft? It reflects poorly on him and also puts Alabama in a precarious position, and what motive could Fluker possibly have to do that?

Secondly, when you go through Fluker's Twitter timeline (his account has since been deactivated), the majority of his tweets are religious in nature. He doesn't really offer a lot of personal information on his account, and he's also good with grammar and spelling. I can't find a single tweet in which Fluker spells the word "what" like "wat" yet suddenly he does so twice in this tweet.

So to suddenly see Fluker talk about being paid while at Alabama while he's never even mentioned anything personal on Twitter while losing his grasp of the English language doesn't make sense to me.

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