Doddcast: More details (and some predictions) on the future playoff

The Orange Bowl will match the ACC against the Big Ten, SEC or Notre Dame in years in which the game doesn't host a semifinal. (US Presswire)

Dennis Dodd joins me for a special "insider" edition of the Doddcast. Dennis was on the scene in Denver for the official approval of six bowls for the future college football playoff, with one spot reserved for the highest ranked team from the "Group of Five" conferences: Big East, MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt and Conference USA. We discuss what this means for those conferences, and how it might reflect the running theme of trading for access once we get to number-crunching.

The Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl have both made big announcements in recent weeks, lining up their participants for years in which the game don't host one of the two national semifinals. With the Orange, Sugar and Rose all set; we look into the crystal ball to guess where the Fiesta Bowl and other two access bowls will fall in the mix under this new postseason system.

While it might seem publicly like a "BCS 2.0" move, Dennis and I both agree that Bill Hancock's appointment as executive director of the new system was an easy decision. But the ones left for college football's decision-makers are much more difficult. A marketing firm is currently working to re-brand the postseason, while the media rights negotiations are ongoing as well. The most difficult decisions will be how to split up the millions of dollars generated by this new system, though we know the four teams in the actual playoff will see a bigger cut of the pie.

Arguably one of the most intriguing decisions left will be the assembly and structure of the selection committee. I was initially optimistic about the basketball-like nature of a committee, but Dennis makes some great points why that (reportedly) transparent process might be a burden that athletic directors and presidents are not used to carrying.

0:00 -- Doddcast/Playoff Updated.
1:10 -- A BCS/postseason meeting that ended (gasp) early!
4:20 -- Orange Bowl's new agreement with SEC/Big Ten/Notre Dame, and what it means for the rest of the six playoff bowls.
8:30 -- Resetting the Fiesta Bowl's outlook, and the other likely host cities yet to be named
12:15 -- Texas and Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl? Sign me up.
14:15 -- Bill Hancock a "no brainer" as executive director of the new playoff.
16:30 -- Marketing the Football Four; will it grow to eight? Dennis and I have changed our stance since the summer.
21:00 -- In the new playoff era, it will be easier to lose late and stay in title contention.
24:40 -- Has anyone considered the insane public pressure on selection committee members?
29:25 -- Kansas State trying to shake ghosts of 1998 down the stretch.

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