Donald Trump skips Kendrick Lamar's halftime show at national championship

Kendrick Lamar had the honor of putting on the inaugural halftime performance during the College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday night in Atlanta, but the president reportedly didn't stick around to see it. 

Well, considering the performance was held just outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and not on the field, it was more of a nearby concert than a halftime show for the showdown between Georgia and Alabama. That seemed to catch plenty of people off-guard, as the musical performances at these big-time sporting events typically reward the people who actually paid for tickets to get in the building.

Kendrick Lamar wasn't for everybody. Getty Images

Either way, it was a big get for college football. After a relatively slow first half of action between the Crimson Tide and Bulldogs, plenty of people were looking forward to the show by one of music's biggest stars.  

As is usually the case with any halftime show, Kendrick received some mixed reviews from those who cut their teeth in the world of sports. Plenty of people seemed to enjoy the show.

Others...not so much.

Those inside the stadium didn't get to enjoy too much of the performance.

Some people called out Lamar for lip-syncing. 

And some people just didn't bother sticking around for any of it. 

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