Eddie George says there's 'dysfunction' at Ohio State

Former Ohio State standout Eddie George can't put a finger on the Buckeyes' recent struggles this season, but he believes there's bigger issues than defensive problems and inconsistent play offensively.

George says Ohio State is suffering from "dysfunction" within the program during a point in the year where the Buckeyes should be making their move toward a Big Ten Championship.

"I wanted to them to come out and perform extremely well coming off the bye week and the horrific loss against Purdue, but I thought coming off the bye week and playing the way they did in West Lafayette, I thought they would come out with their hair on fire and something to prove,” George said during Tuesday's appearance on SiriusXM. “But these guys didn’t look well. Couple things came to mind was there’s something going on there that we the public don’t know. I feel like, My personal opinion, there’s a level of dysfunction there within the walls of Ohio State. Whether it’s with the coach, the administration, the coaching staff … something is not right. I can’t put my finger on it and I don’t know exactly what it is.

"The way this team looked under Urban Meyer … I’ve never seen this team not be prepared for a game, fumbling the ball everywhere. They weren’t dialed in mentally. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It tells me something isn’t quite right there, especially jumping into November football. This is when you make your claim to be one of the four teams in the Playoff. I definitely think Ohio State has regressed a lot since the beginning of the year."

George has been extremely critical of his alma-mater this season, saying in August that Ohio State should be "severely punished" if there was a cover-up involving Urban Meyer and the Zach Smith situation that led to an suspension for the Buckeyes head coach and firing for the former wide receivers assistant.

Asked during the same interview if he thinks this year's Ohio State team is good enough to win a national championship, George didn't back down. “Once you get into the Playoff, anything can happen,” he said.

But that's the problem — will the Buckeyes (8-1) right the ship and win their next three games prior to the Big Ten Championship? They're going to have go through Michigan State and Michigan to do so, no easy task considering Ohio State's up-and-down play in recent weeks.

In Saturday's 36-31 win over Nebraska, Ohio State needed a long touchdown run out of J.K. Dobbins late in the fourth quarter to put the Huskers away despite being a three-touchdown favorite.

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