ESPN announces details regarding 6-channel BCS title game megacast

On Monday, Jan. 6, you will have not one, not two, but six different ways to watch No. 1 Florida State and No. 2 Auburn in the final national championship game of the BCS era. 

ESPN executive vice president Norby Williamson game USA Today Sports a peek behind the curtain, explaining the multi-channel operation that will give fans everything from a team-specific radio call to a "Megacast Command Center."

"The majority of the people will still watch the game on ESPN," Williamson told USA TODAY Sports. "But our hope is people will sample other things. Whether they’re flipping from ESPN, flipping over to these other offerings. Whether it’s additive, whether it’s people watching on a second screen while they’re watching the game and tweeting in, in hopes that some of their tweets will show up on ESPN. That’s the overall concept."

According to USA Today, this will be ESPN's lineup: 

ESPN -- Traditional broadcast

ESPN2 -- "BCS Title Talk:" a broadcast featuring ESPN analysts and guests hosts (including coaches and celebrities)

ESPNNews -- "BCS Film Room:" in depth, play-by-play analysis from different camera angles.

ESPN Classic -- "Sounds of the BCS:" No Brent, no Herbie. Just the game and ambient sounds from the stadium. 

ESPN3 -- Team-specific coverage with the radio call from each school

ESPN Goal Line -- "BCS Command Center:" live action, replays, stats and the ESPN radio call.

ESPN Provided USA Today with a mock up of the Command Center. 

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