Every scenario for each remaining SEC East contender to win the division

What the SEC East lacks in top-end teams, it makes up for in a drama-filled divisional race that could come down to the final week of the regular season. Or something like that.

The SEC East is one of the most wide-open division races with just one month until the conference championship game in Atlanta, and there are an abundance of scenarios for victory, including some that would make Kentucky the division champion. No, you have not accidentally clicked into a college basketball story. The Wildcats could actually win the SEC East. So could South Carolina in Will Muschamp's first year.

Georgia, Missouri and Vanderbilt have already been eliminated. That gives the following four teams an opportunity to take the SEC East in 2016.

Florida (6-2, 4-2 SEC): It's simple for the Gators. Win and they're in. The actual execution of this philosophy is a different story, however, as Florida is coming off a 31-10 loss to Arkansas in which the UF offense scored exactly zero touchdowns. Offensive fireworks may not be required for the final two SEC games, but they're as close to must-wins as they come. Otherwise, Florida risks losing its lead via tiebreaker. The first move is taking down South Carolina.

Remaining SEC games: vs. South Carolina (Nov. 12), at LSU (Nov. 19)


  • Win both remaining games (6-2, outright champion)
  • Win one of two remaining games, Kentucky beats Tennessee (5-3, wins tiebreaker over UK)
  • Lose both remaining games, Tennessee beats Kentucky but loses to Mizzou and Vandy, Vandy loses to one of Mizzou or Ole Miss, Georgia beats Auburn (4-4, wins four-way tiebreaker)
  • Lose both remaining games, Tennessee beats Kentucky but loses to Mizzou, Vandy wins out, Georgia beats Auburn (4-4, wins five-way tiebreaker)

Kentucky (5-4, 4-3 SEC): The Wildcats could have moved into first place with a win over the Bulldogs. Instead, they're a half-game behind the Gators and need some help with just one conference matchup remaining. Kentucky has to beat Tennessee and have Florida lose its final two conference games to win the East. It also needs Georgia to lose its final game against Auburn to ensure there's no tiebreaker.

Remaining SEC game: at Tennessee (Nov. 12)


  • Win at Tennessee, Florida loses both remaining games (5-3, outright champion or wins tiebreaker over UT)

Tennessee (6-3, 2-3 SEC): For as dreadful as things have been around Rocky Top lately, Tennessee is not totally out of the SEC East race. In fact, there's a case to be made that the Vols have the easiest remaining conference schedule -- even if there are three games on it. Obviously, Tennessee needs to win, but it would hold a tie-breaker over Florida if both finished 5-3.

Remaining SEC games: vs. Kentucky (Nov. 12), vs. Missouri (Nov. 19), at Vanderbilt (Nov. 26)


  • Win all three remaining games, Florida loses one game (5-3, outright champion or tiebreaker over UF)
  • Beat Kentucky and Vanderbilt, lose to Mizzou, Florida loses two games, Georgia beats Auburn (4-4, wins five-way tiebreaker)

South Carolina (5-4 overall, 3-4 in conference): Yes, even the Gamecocks are still technically alive. Muschamp can take this team to Atlanta in Year 1 by beating Florida in Gainesville in Week 11. South Carolina would then need a lot of additional help.

Remaining SEC game: at Florida (Nov. 12)


  • Win at Florida, Tennessee loses to at least one of Mizzou and Vandey, Vandy loses to at least one of Mizzou or Ole Miss, Georgia loses to Auburn (4-4, wins four-way or three-way tiebreaker)
  • Win at Florida, Vandy wins out, Tennessee loses to Mizzou, Georgia loses to Auburn. (4-4, wins four-way tiebreaker)
  • Win at Florida, Vandy wins out, Tennessee beats Mizzou (4-4, wins six-way or five-way tiebreaker)
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