Former kicker Matt Boermeester has filed a lawsuit against USC, alleging that the school ruined both his academic and athletic careers when it expelled him in 2017. Boermeester's lawsuit alleges the school and its administrators "committed an egregious miscarriage of justice" during the proceedings that led to his 2017 expulsion. Boermeester was expelled after the school determined he had committed domestic abuse against his girlfriend.

Boermeester's attorney, Andrew T. Miltenberg, told the USA Today that his client "lost his education and his future career in the NFL" because USC "made a complete mockery of the Title IX process."

"What happened to Matt Boermeester at USC should terrify anyone who believes in the right to due process and innocent-until-proven-guilty," Miltenberg said.

Boermeester's expulsion came after a USC student reported to his roommate that he'd seen Boermeester get into an altercation with his girlfriend, USC tennis player Zoe Katz. The student's roommate was USC tennis coach Peter Smith, and after the roommate told his father, an investigation began upon informing USC. That investigation determined that Boermeester put his hands around Katz's neck, "causing her to cough, and shoved her into a cinder block wall in the alley near her apartment at least twice" in January 2017. Both Boermeester and Katz, who remain in a relationship with one another, deny the incident ever occurred. Boermeester maintains that he and Katz were not fighting, but joking around in a parking lot and throwing french fries at one another.

He was never arrested and was never the subject of a police investigation.

Boermeester filed a similar lawsuit in March 2018, but a Los Angeles Superior Court ruled in favor of the school and upheld his suspension.