The environment in Death Valley on Saturday night was unlike anything else in college football this season. The marathon lasted well into Sunday morning, as a sold out Clemson crowd roared early, sat stunned as Lamar Jackson marched up and down the field and finally erupted after that Tigers defense won the game by a decisive three feet.

Clemson fans contributed to Louisville's six pre-snap penalties, most notably shaking the southland enough to cause two false starts on the game's first possession. It was the kind of fan experience that will last a lifetime.

The Wires family got the same satisfaction as the other die-hard Clemson fans in the stadium, but enjoyed it on a much deeper level.

On Facebook, Bill Wires shared the story of his son, Logan, a 16-year-old with cerebral palsy who grabbed onto the rail ahead of him in the ADA section of the stadium, lifting himself out of his wheelchair during a big moment in the game. According to Wires, Logan held onto the rail for support and stood without assistance, which was a huge moment for the family.

"Logan, his brother Carson, and I attend all of the home games. Logan has cerebral palsy. It affects his legs, hands and trunk muscles. Cognitively, he attends regular school, takes honors classes, loves Jesus, and is the biggest Clemson fan ever," Bill Wires told CBS Sports.

"He occasionally is made to stand with assistance during therapy sessions, but it is rare for him to attempt to do it on his own and only for a few minutes with assistance. He cannot stand without assistance. Saturday night, he decided -- on his own -- that along with his normal cheering, he also needed to stand."

Check out the photo below from Wires' Facebook page:

One cool note: check out the fan in the black and orange jacket a couple seats to Logan's right. Other fans may have had their eyes on the Tigers, like we did on Saturday night, but it looks like she's noticed something worth rooting on more than Clemson.

A Clemson fan rises for his Tigers. Facebook