Fans create a roadkill Uga wedding cake

There have been plenty of weddings that had college football themes. For instance, there was one couple who decided to give their wedding a Red River Rivalry theme considering one was an Oklahoma fan and a Texas fan. That was a beautiful wedding because it was a display of two people overcoming the hate they're supposed to have for each other.

Then there's this cake from a wedding in Athens, Georgia.

I'm going to assume these folks are Georgia Tech fans, though they could also be Florida fans. All we know for sure is that they are not Georgia fans. Not that you really need the "to hell with Georgia" note to figure that out.

There are so many things about this cake that I find conflicting. First of all, a dog run over by what I can only assume was a Georgia Tech Ford Model A sport coupe doesn't look like something I'd want to eat. Secondly, I love dogs, and even dead cake dogs make me sad.

But it's red velvet, you know? Red velvet cake is delicious.

Hat tip: Friends of the Program

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