Florida State No. 1 in preseason coaches poll

Florida State No. 1 in preseason coaches poll
Florida State begins 2014 where it ended 2013: on top. (USATSI)

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Good news, everybody, you can finally get mad about your favorite team being underrated or your rival being overrated. That's right, the preseason coaches poll was released Thursday, which is just another sign that the college football season is almost here.

Not surprisingly the top-ranked team is your defending champion Florida State. Who are the other 24 teams to make the cut? Well all you have to do is keep scrolling down the page, my friend, because all 25 teams are right there.

1. Florida State (56 first place votes)

2. Alabama 

3. Oklahoma (3)

4. Oregon (1)

5. Auburn

6. Ohio State (1)


8. Michigan State

9. South Carolina (1)

10. Baylor

11. Stanford

12. Georgia

13. LSU

14. Wisconsin

15. USC

16. Clemson

17. Notre Dame

18. Arizona State

19. Ole Miss

20. Texas A&M

21. Kansas State

22. Nebraska

23. North Carolina

24. Texas

25. Washington

Nothing all that insane about it, though I'm sure somebody will find something to complain about. It wouldn't be college football if they didn't. My guess is that it will be somebody in a tizzy over South Carolina getting a first place vote, yet neither Alabama or Auburn getting one.

I do find it funny that five teams received first place votes, and Alabama didn't get any yet still finished second in the poll.

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