Florida State tight end explains lining up backwards in Week 2 overtime win over Louisiana-Monroe

Somehow, Florida State needing a missed extra point to escape Louisiana-Monroe in overtime was about the third-weirdest thing to happen with the Seminoles in the past week. There was the case of the improperly hydrated players that created a viral brouhaha, then against the Warhawks in Week 2, Seminoles tight end Tre' McKitty lined up backwards on a pre-snap look. 

Since the game was broadcast on the ACC Network, few people saw it in action live. For anyone needing a refresher, here's the play in question: 

As strange as that was, one could surmise it was a pre-snap wrinkle to throw off the defense. McKitty went into motion and then lined up normally on a 10-yard Cam Akers run. Sure enough, that's what both McKitty and offensive coordinator Kendal Briles told reporters on Tuesday. (Or, at least, that's the story they're going with.) 

"Yeah, I've got a million messages about that ... there was nothing wrong with me," McKitty said. "I didn't line up the wrong way on accident."

"It was a stopping situation where you cannot tempo, so we came off the sideline and it's a thing that we do offensively," Briles added. "The guys can line up wherever they want. I don't care. Just get to your spot where you need to get to. We pushed the tempo and I think we gained 11."

Briles' "just get lined up" logic makes some sense given that the Seminoles then went into pre-snap motion to get the best blocking and matchups for its play. It's a fun anecdote now because the play worked; had it not, Florida State would have taken even more heat for it. 

But you know what they say: if you aren't good, at least be interesting. The Seminoles are certainly ... something to that effect at the moment. 

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