Florida's Easley on Sugar Bowl loss: 'We took a game off'

This is a photo of Dominque Easley not trying to tackle Teddy Bridgewater
This is a photo of Dominique Easley not trying to tackle Teddy Bridgewater. (USATSI)

Here's a quote that shouldn't sit well with either Florida or Louisville fans.

While speaking to reporters during Tuesday's SEC media days, Florida defensive tackle Dominique Easley offered up a reason why the Gators lost 33-23 to Louisville in last season's Sugar Bowl.

"We took a game off," said Easley.

I can't see how either fan base could be happy about such a comment. On one hand, you're either a Louisville fan who is hearing a player diminish your team's accomplishment on a huge stage, or you're a Florida fan who just heard one of your team's players say the team didn't even try to win the game.

As to whether or not Easley is being serious or just offering an excuse, there's no question that Louisville came out for that Sugar Bowl and played like the much better team. The final score may have been 33-23, but the Cardinals built a 33-10 lead halfway through the fourth quarter before Florida tacked on a couple of cosmetic touchdowns.

All that said, I don't get why Easley would so freely admit that he or the team didn't try to win the game. Frankly, I'd rather just say I got my butt kicked than say I didn't try or care. Because if you don't care, what the hell are you doing there in the first place?

UPDATE: Well, it didn't take long for Easley to begin backpedaling on his comments. 

"We didn't take a game off, they were just better than us," Easley said Tuesday afternoon. "They were just better. Any loss you take with you."

Which is a much more refreshing take on the outcome of that game, and I think it's a bit more honest as well.

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