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Alabama coach Nick Saban called Butch Jones an "intern, an analyst" earlier this month when he announced Jones as the newest member of the Crimson Tide's staff. Turns out, Jones is getting paid like an intern, too (maybe even a little better). 

According to Alabama via an open records request from USA Today Network, Jones will make $35,000 in 2018 to serve as said analyst for the defending national champions. 

One wouldn't expect Jones to be making millions in a minor coaching role. Still, the drop in pay is substantial. 

For context, that $35,000 is a whopping $4.075 million less than Jones' 2017 salary of $4.11 million (before bonuses and buyouts) as Tennessee's coach, per USA Today's salary database. Put another way, Jones is making about 0.8 percent of what he was a season ago.

Not that anyone is feeling sorry for Jones, nor should they be. Not only was Jones among the top-20 highest paid coaches in college football, he could be making good money again in the not-so-distant future. If recent history has taught us anything, it's that joining Saban's coaching staff as a recently fired coach is a one-way ticket to re-employment. And with Jones taking over more of an off-field role with the Crimson Tide, it's a low-risk path that allows Jones to stay busy while he keeps his ear to the ground for the next opportunity. 

In the meantime, 35,000 still beats working without a salary, something another part of Alabama's labor force knows a thing or two about.