Friday Five: Media members I want to see play in Penn State's spring game

Every Friday, the Friday Five will rank something in the world of college football -- anything and everything from the logical to the illogical. This week, we rank five members of the college football media we want to see participate in Penn State's spring game.

Penn State coach James Franklin extended the invitation. He let the media know that they are more than welcome to participate in Penn State's spring game. They could be on the field in Beaver Stadium doing things like fielding kicks and punts in front of tens of thousands of fans.

Seriously, he did.

Now, this got my mind going. As a member of the media, I couldn't help but try to figure out which other members of the media I'd like to see participating in Penn State's spring game. So that's exactly what I'm doing for this week's Friday Five: ranking five members of the college football media I want playing in Penn State's spring game.

I'm not following Franklin's rules, however. While fielding punts and kicks is difficult enough, I believe certain members of the media are capable of much more. So I've not only thought of scribes and talking heads to put on the field, but I've got specific positions in mind for them to play as well. Some because I think they could actually do it, and others just because it would make me laugh a lot.

I also have some guidelines. First of all, I'm not including any of my co-workers here at Sorry, guys, but I don't want to play favorites. In my heart, I believe you'd all be fine football players.

Also, no media member who actually played college football at the D-1 level is eligible. They've already had their time in the sun. Penn State's spring game is for those of us who weren't good enough to feel the spotlight!

So let's get ranking.

5. Tom Fornelli, CBS Sports, Fullback: What? You thought I wasn't going to put myself in there? Of course I am! I played in high school, but the one position I always wanted to play that I never had a chance to in a game was fullback. I spent plenty of time on the defensive line, the offensive line, and even saw some time at linebacker, but I only played fullback in practice occasionally.

And I loved it.

It's been 20 years since I last played the position, but I wouldn't mind a chance to just meet a linebacker in the hole and pop him. Even if he's 20 years younger and could bench press me, I don't care. I just want to get one good hit in, even if the block is itself totally ineffective.

4. Steven Godfrey, SB Nation, Tight End: Godfrey is not a tiny man. He's very tall, and I think that his size and length could be put to good use as a tight end in the red zone. I'm not sure if he'd be able to block anybody, but if you send him on a corner route and just throw the ball up in the air, I think he'd be able to pull one down.

I mean, putting some 5-foot-10 corner on him would just be a huge mismatch. 

3. Dan Wolken, USA Today, H-back/Slot receiver: Wolken isn't tall, but he's not tiny, either. I think he'd fit perfectly in an H-back/slot receiver role. Just give him the ball in space and let's see what he can do. Plus he's one of James Franklin's biggest supporters, believing in him the first few years at Penn State when a lot of other national media types didn't. 

It's time for James Franklin to reward that faith with the rock.

2. Bruce Feldman, Fox Sports, Safety: You know, the media tends to get a bad rap from people that we're mostly all old and out of shape. That's not the case. Most of us are old and out of shape -- I'm one for two, but working on two for two -- but some of us are in really good shape!

Bruce is in good shape. If you put him at safety, I'd bet he could not only cover a tight end up the seam but probably a receiver coming over the middle as well. And not only could Bruce keep pace with them, but when the time came for it, he could deliver the hit too. He'd separate the man from the ball.

Put Bruce at safety and then keep your head on a swivel.

1. Paul Finebaum, SEC Network, Running Back: Originally, I thought we could put Finebaum at quarterback in a t-shirt that says "The Big Ten sucks," but then I remembered that quarterbacks are typically off limits in practice. So I've decided to put Paul at running back instead, in the same shirt.

I have to imagine there are plenty of college football fans who would love to see what would happen.

As a fan of Paul's myself, and as somebody who has been a guest on his show a few times, I obviously offer my services to him as his fullback. I will do everything I can to open the hole for you, Paul, but the rest is up to you.

Honorable Mentions: Spencer Hall, SBNation; Ty Hildenbrandt, The Solid Verbal Podcast; Stewart Mandel, Fox Sports; Rodger Sherman, The Ringer; Scott Van Pelt, ESPN

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