Full-page ad asks Texas Tech to pay Mike Leach's 2009 salary

full page ad asks Texas Tech to pay Mike Leach 2009 salary
Mike Leach has been at Washington State since 2012. (USATSI)

Mike Leach still has fans in Lubbock. Fans that want to see the former Texas Tech coach get paid.

A group of anonymous Texas Tech fans and alumni took out a full-page ad in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal asking the school's chancellor, Robert Duncan, president, Duane Nellis and the Board of Regents to pay Leach the remainder of his $2.6 million salary from the 2009 season. That was Leach's last year in Lubbock before he was fired over the alleged inappropriate treatment of Adam James, the son of former ESPN analyst Craig James, after James suffered a concussion.

The letter in the ad reads as follows:

Chancellor Robert Duncan, President Duane Nellis, and Texas Tech Regents Mickey long, Nancy Neal, John Walker, Larry Anders, Debbie Montford, John Steinmetz, John Esparaza, Rick Francis, and Tim Lancaster

The purpose of this letter is to respectfully request that the Chancellor, the President and the Regents of Texas Tech University consider the full payment of the salary for 2009 to Mike Leach. Leach was paid $300,000 of the $2.6 million 2009 salary which includes the $800,000 bonus that would have been due him for his ten-year career.

Texas Tech has a new Chancellor, four new regents, a new football coach, athletic director, and president; all who were not involved in the firing of Mike Leach. This request is not being made just because it is the right thing to do. This payment for 2009 to Leach would help to finally erase any negatives associated with the University and would bring fans, alumni, and the people of Lubbock and the state firmly behind this new leadership of Texas Tech.

Regardless of the opinion that the firing was or was not justified, the majority of fans and citizens believe this situation was handled poorly.

A previous basketball coach who was accused of player mistreatment over an extended period of time was paid over $486,000 as a buy-out for time left on his contract; time that he did not even work. Leach fulfilled all but thirty-six hours of his contact. It is the belief of this group that had there been a basis for the firing before the bowl game, there would have been a basis after the bowl game when the ten-year contact would have been completed.

The courts never decided for either party. The courts decided to uphold sovereign immunity which prevented Leach from having his case heard. Nevertheless, the truth from Adam and Craig James came out in the March 2010 depositions as follows:

Q. Did Leach ever tell you “I don’t believe you have a concussion”?

A. No, sir, he didn’t.

Q. You weren’t locked in an electrical closet for three hours, were you?

A. No.

Craig James emailed Kent Hance claiming his son was forced to stand for three hours in the cold without sitting.

Q. When you wrote this email of 12/26, you did not believe Adam had been confined to the electrical closet for a total of three hours, fair?

A. Yes.

Texas has pride in honest and integrity. Our word is our bond. Texas Tech signed a contract with Mike Leach and up to this point has refused to fulfill this contract.

Let’s do the right thing, the honorable thing.

Don’t hide behind sovereign immunity.

Pay Mike Leach his entire salary for 2009.


Alumni and fans of Texas Tech University

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