Gators' Harrison on ejection: Arkansas player used the N-word

Florida center Jon Harrison was ejected in the third quarter of the Gators' 30-10 win over Arkansas Oct. 5, having apparently stuck his finger in an official's chest:

Harrison met with reporters for the first time since his ejection Tuesday, and not only said that he did not "poke" the official, but that he had a legitimate reason for being upset: that he had been racially abused by an unnamed Arkansas player.

"What happened was, one play I got face-masked, then the next play I got called every version of the 'N-word' known to man," Harrison said, per 247Sports affiliate  "And I went up to the ref and I'm like, 'Ref, please, you have to control this player. He's been calling me every racial slur.'"

Harrison said the incident with the official was a misunderstanding.

"I talk with my hands as you guys probably have seen this whole time and I touched the ref in his chest, I didn't poke him, but I was talking like this," Harrison said, "waving his hands" according to GatorBait.

"I was honestly was just trying to tell the ref to get this player because I was getting attacked, I felt like I was getting harassed, and it was beyond football," Harrison said. "Calling me the N-word and everything is not football anymore."

Per the Arkansas News, Bret Bielema addressed the situation with reporters Wednesday, saying he had spoken to Razorback linebacker Jarrett Lake -- the player apparently involved in the confrontation with Harrison. Bielema said Lake cateorgically denied have used any racial slurs.

With no evidence beyond Harrion's word that he or any other Arkansas player did, don't expect there to be any further ramifications from Harrison's claim anytime soon.

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