Georgia's hand-drawn portrait didn't impress 5-star recruit

Raekwon McMillan was a major recruiting prize for the Buckeyes. (247Sports)
Raekwon McMillan was a major recruiting prize for the Buckeyes. (247Sports)
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The state of modern recruiting and the gaggle of schools chasing every blue-chip prospect means programs have to be creative when it comes to landing prospects. Case in point: the hand-drawn portraits Georgia has been sending out to potential Bulldogs, lovingly rendered in each prospect's high school colors and Georgia 's trademark read and black. What recruit wouldn't love to receive such a memento in his mailbox?

As it turns out, maybe former five-star linebacker and current Ohio State Buckeye Raekwon McMillan wouldn't. One of the prizes of Urban Meyer's 2014 recruiting class, the Hinesville, Ga. product was ranked the nation's No. 1 inside linebacker and was a major target of the Bulldogs and virtually every other SEC power. So like eventual Bulldog signee and fellow in-state five-star recruit Lorenzo Carter, he received a portrait from Mark Richt. Here's what Carter had to tell the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a Monday interview:

What is the most creative thing a college did to get your attention? “I would have to say when UGA drew a picture of me. That was pretty cool. I liked that a lot. They did (the portraits) for me and Raekwon McMillan. We didn’t get Raekwon but still it was good.”
How would you rate the quality and accuracy of your UGA portrait? “I looked good in (the portrait), compared to how I look in real life. Raekwon’s picture didn’t look good. It was ugly. He didn’t like it. That’s probably why he didn’t come to UGA (and signed with Ohio State).”

Now, we seriously, seriously, seriously doubt that the determining factor in McMillan choosing the Buckeyes -- with whom he enrolled this past January -- was the accuracy of his portrait.

But every little bit helps, or hurts, as they say. So here's to hoping that maybe Georgia's artist has sharpened up his brushstrokes between now and then.

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