Gotta fill the bowls

The NCAA has finally come up with a plan in the event that there aren't enough eliglble teams to fill all of the bowls.

An eligible team has at least six wins and at least as many wins as losses.  Teams may count one win over a I-AA team toward the number of wins needed.

That means teams that play 13 regular season games need seven wins to be eligible.  The exception to that is that if a team finishes 6-7 because of a loss in a conference championship game, it is still considered eligible.

In the event not enough teams are bowl-eligible, additional teams, if available, can be selected from the following groups, in order.

1. Teams that finished 6-6, but had a win over an unqualified I-AA school.

It is well known that teams are allowed to count a win over a I-AA school, but it is less known that not every I-AA school qualifies for this provision.  The win only counts if the I-AA opponent meets certain scholarship guidelines.  I have no way of knowing which I-AA schools meet those guidelines and which don't.

2. Teams that finished 6-6, but have two wins over I-AA schools.

3. Teams that finished 6-7 in a regular, 13-game schedule.

Hawaii and any team that plays at Hawaii are allowed to play 13 regular season games.

4. Teams that are in the process of reclassifying to I-A and finish with a record that would have made them eligible otherwise.

5. Teams that finish 5-7 in APR order.

A bowl can only take a team out of the emergency pool once every four years.

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