Harbaugh assesses Indiana's varied attack

ANN ARBOR, MI -- They may have a 5-5 record, but Michigan knows they face a challenge when the Indiana Hoosiers come to The Big House on Saturday.

Kevin Wilson's squad has a high-powered offense coupled with a hawkish defense, for the first time in awhile. Having that balance on both sides of the ball is new to the Hoosiers, and while it's easy to dismiss their record -- especially being that they're 0-3 against ranked teams -- they certainly pose a threat to a Wolverines team that's coming off of a loss in Iowa City.

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Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh paid respect to Wilson, saying that he expects a dogfight come Saturday. Saying as he always does that this is a championship game, for a Wolverines team that now has a number in the loss column, he's right, as there's now zero margin for error.

Harbaugh gave his assessment of what he expects from Indiana this Saturday, saying that Kevin Wilson has done a very good job having his team ready for games like these.

“Well, really coaching a good football team," Harbaugh said of Wilson. "Doing a very good job. The defense is an aggressive, athletic, fast [group]. They create turnovers, they tackle extremely well, they cover a lot of the field physically. Really good defensive linemen. Active, athletic backers that cause a lot of the havoc, and very good players in the secondary. And they do a good job defensively with the scheme. They’re teaching a high volume of scheme to the defense. You know, man, blitz, zone blitz, different variations in the two-deep coverages as well as the single-high coverages, twists, multiple zone and blitz patterns. Just really—they’re getting a lot done on defense.

“Offensively, very effective. Put a lot of points on the board. They do a heck of a job.”

In his radio show on Monday evening, Harbaugh pinpointed more of what Indiana has been incredibly effective at, and where he and his team will be on high-alert.

"They do a great job up front with their offensive line," Harbaugh said. "They've got big, physical guys. They're trained very well in their system. The challenge right now -- Coach Drevno, myself, Coach Fisch -- we're watching this Indiana defense. They're outstanding. Had a chance to watch them a little bit during the season as well. They are really good. Really good at creating turnovers, tackles for loss, sacks. They've got guys who are leading tacklers in the Big Ten. Second in the country -- linebackers cause a lot of havoc. They're really good at the safety position, and the corners. They have a three-technique as good as anybody in the Big Ten. Really good, outstanding defense."

Indiana and Michigan will kickoff at 3:36PM at Michigan Stadium on Saturday.

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