Hawaii announces return to 'Rainbow Warriors' nickname

Could Sean Schroeder and the Warriors have a more colorful uniform future? (USATSI)
Could Sean Schroeder and the Warriors have a more colorful uniform future? (USATSI)

Plenty of college football teams have worn throwback jerseys the last few years. But it appears Hawaii will be the first to adopt a throwback nickname.

Per the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Hawaii athletic director Ben Jay announced Tuesday that all of the school's men's athletics teams will once again be known as the Rainbow Warriors -- including the football team, which has used the nickname "Warriors" since 2000. The school's women's teams will continue to be known as the Rainbow Wahine.

"I've been asking since I was hired here [in December] who we are and what is most representative of the islands," Jay said. "Those three words -- Warriors, rainbow and Wahine -- are representative of who we are."

Unusually, the school's men's teams have gone by a variety of nicknames since former coach June Jones moved to remove the "Rainbow" from the football team's nickname in 2000. The school then elected to let each men's program decide for itself what to be called -- some choosing "Warriors," some choosing "Rainbow Warriors," and the baseball team continuing as the "Rainbows."

The resulting confusion led to Jay announcing in February that all men's teams would be known as the "Warriors," a move that he said on Tuesday "generated a lot of discussion" among Hawaii supporters -- and, it would appear, led to Tuesday's reversals.

With the "rainbow" restored to the nickname, the next question for the football team becomes: will it abandon the black-and-green uniform motif associated with the "Warriors" name and return to the bright-green-and-multicolored look from the decades prior? Via UniWatch, here's what the Rainbow Warriors looked like in 1959:


The sooner these reappear, Warriors -- er, Rainbow Warriors -- the much, much better.

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