Heisman suit grades: Watson steals the show over Henry, McCaffrey

The three Heisman Trophy finalists are in New York for Saturday night's presentation. Prior to the ceremony, the trio took a picture together in their suits and there is a clear Heisman suit champion. 

Let's grade these suits out, shall we? 

Deshaun Watson, Clemson -- A: Watson's red suit is absolutely killing the game. Add in the black shirt with white dots, the flat black tie and the gold chains and watch and you've got an awesome outfit.

The only reason this doesn't get an A+ is that Watson goes to Clemson. Clemson's colors are orange and purple, so, while the red is sharp, he could've gotten a little more aggressive with an orange suit. 

Derrick Henry, Alabama -- B+: Henry's got a classic look with the blue suit. The pattern and detailing on the suit is really solid, plus the red and white striped tie works well.

It's not nearly as flashy as Watson, but that fits Henry's style of being a low-key workman type. 

Christian McCaffrey -- C-: Christian, my dude. My guy. What's going on here?

This is your big night and you show up looking like you're ready for a funeral with the dark grey suit, grey shirt and crimson tie -- which is at least a Stanford color. We could've done so much more with this one, Christian. Add a little color, have some fun with it. Instead, this happened.

P.S.: You don't have a big enough neck to go with the broad collar. You're still great, though. 

Heisman suits (Twitter)
The Heisman Trophy finalists in their suits. (Twitter/HeismanTrophy)
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