Heismancast: Collin Klein's lead and why media loves 'Heisman moments'

As Collin Klein and the Wildcats continue to win, the quarterback's lead in the Heisman race grows. (US Presswire)

Chris Huston (@HeismanPundit) joins me for another edition of the Heismancast, breaking down stories and history of the Heisman Trophy race. We begin with Collin Klein, the undisputed frontrunner in the race after nine weeks, and search for comparable players from Heisman history. How tied is he to Kansas State's success? Huston explains the margin of error down the stretch for both the Wildcats and the quarterback.

Then things get a little philosophical, as Huston answers my question on Heisman voter accountability. For all the debating we do regarding a Heisman candidate, it is frustrating to imagine that some of the people making that decision might not be watching much college football at all. We also discuss the media's overuse of the term "Heisman moment" and why some of those moments -- including Doug Flutie's "The Play" -- have not actually affected the voting.

Stick around to the end as we discuss Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o and Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. If you have a question for Huston on the next Heismancast, you can tweet it to me (@cnpatterson3) or email the podcast.

In a hurry? Check the contents below for specific topics.

0:00 -- Huston intro.
1:00 -- Collin Klein's status as a frontrunner, and comparing him to winners.
3:00 -- Kansas State's chances down the stretch.
5:26 -- The Heisman voting process: How can voters be held accountable to follow college football?
9:15 -- Why people -- media particularly -- try to force or create "Heisman moments."
13:00 -- Re-explaining to the listeners the difference between the Heisman Watch and Straw Poll.
16:50 -- I ask Chris if there is anything he would change in the Heisman process. He gives an interesting (and seasonally appropriate) answer.
18:30 -- Why Manti Te'o will likely go to New York but not win the Heisman Trophy. Also, the flaw in the argument for "best defensive player."
23:45 -- AJ McCarron in the spotlight this weekend against LSU. Can he use this game to launch a late Heisman push?

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