College football has seen a wave of turnover fads over the past two seasons. Turnover chains. Takeaway beads. Turnover thrones. Turnover planks. Turnover belts. Turnover backpacks. It's all gotten quite out of hand. 

Arizona State debuted its own version against Washington last week -- a turnover curl bar that was given to defensive back Chase Lucas after his first quarter interception.

Why settle for chains when you can get gains? Seems like a decent strategy.

However, after its surprise introduction last Saturday, ASU head coach Herm Edwards has officially shut down the turnover bar idea, meaning it will be a one-and-done for Arizona State. Edwards and defensive coordinator Danny Gonzales confirmed the sobering news this week.

"You'll see it in the weight room only going forward," Edwards said. "Short-lived. Great idea, not on my watch."

"I don't like gimmicks," said Gonzales. "We take pride in causing turnovers, that's our job. We'll celebrate together, but nothing gimmicky. It made me laugh, but you're not going to see it any more."

The idea reportedly belonged to strength coach Joe Connolly, who was thrown under the bus by a Sun Devils player this week. Edwards said he had a discussion with Connolly about the ordeal. 

In any case, the turnover curl bar lived a short but glorious life on ASU's sideline. However, all good things must come to an end ... even if it happens unceremoniously and less than one week later. Judging from Lucas' form on those curls during Saturday's game, they're just lucky it was canceled before someone hurt themselves.