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Some losses you just don't come back from. The Healdsburg High Greyhounds out of Healdsburg, California, are figuring that out at a young age, as the high school football team voted to cancel its season after losing its first two games by a cumulative score of 102-0. The Greyhounds have a legacy as a good football school in Northern California, but the team fielded only 18 players this year. It lost its first game 41-0 before dropping its second 61-0.

Six players left the team after the second game, barely leaving enough for a full unit on the field. The AD and coach Dave Stine held a team meeting, in which the principal Bill Halliday told The Washington Post he implored the team not to quit.

"They had a long talk about commitment and what that means and about quitting. Once you quit, it becomes easier to do it," Halliday said. "It was all the things coaches are supposed to say."

When Stine called a vote on whether or not to end the season, a decision wasn't reached. Upon an anonymous vote, the team decided to end the season by a 7-4 margin.

It's not how you want your season to end, and it's undoubtedly frustrating for the teams scheduled against the Greyhounds. However, for 12 kids in high school, going out and getting drubbed every week probably isn't the best way to spend a Friday night.