Hollywood’s Best 2019 Florida Position Battles: Tight End

The Florida Gators lost two seniors at tight end that took most of the snaps in 2018 and that usually isn’t a good thing. It is a little different scenario at tight end. Both of the main prospects at the position, redshirt sophomore Kemore Gamble and redshirt junior Lucas Krull, got some time on the field last year and showed up this spring ready to play. Sophomore Kyle Pitts seems more inclined to play a receiver role, so won’t be considered here, but the position has really good potential nevertheless and the battle will be fun to watch.

Gamble may be a little bit of the surprise. He talks about being slept on and he isn’t too far off in that assessment. He caught two passes for 35 yards in the spring game and he showed that he can do some things with the ball in his hand in doing so.

Gamble is built like he could be an H-back type of player and likely could play some of that role in the Mullen offense. That makes him more valuable for a scheme that likes to use a move tight end. He’s a steady blocker and as he did in the spring game, he can get down the field and then make defenders look bad when it is time to bring him down. He has always had this talent and has now applied the playbook to his skill set and he will get noticed this fall.

While Gamble was the starter for most of, if not all of the spring, especially with Krull injured, Krull was making noise in the two practices he was a part of. Krull was quick to mention Gamble as a deep threat, but it was Krull that made a lot of deep ball plays in his limited time.

Krull is big and physical. The older of the two, it is his second season of college football while he is already a redshirt junior.

The thing you notice with Krull is that he loves to mix it up. He isn’t afraid to line up across from someone and try to whip them at the line of scrimmage, but he also carries that same mentality when he is catching the ball and trying to make a play afterward.

The thing that was noticeable the most in his first two days was the fact that he was getting deep, real deep, and making plays. The quarterbacks seemed to target him and at 6-foot-6 and 255 pounds it is understandable.

The combo doesn’t have nearly the experience as the two seniors that moved on, but they do look to have plenty of talent and a high ceiling. When you throw in Pitts, the group gets better.

That doesn’t even consider the addition of freshman Keon Zipperer in the fall. The tight end from Lakeland is another one that can play as a motion tight end and a guy that could block from the backfield if need be. He’s also considered another downfield threat and will likely be in the battle for the position in the fall as well.


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