Auburn fans are looking to put Cam Newton's name on the city in a permanent and official way. The Heisman Trophy winner already has a statue outside Jordan-Hare Stadium, but a petition with hundreds of signatures is asking the city of Auburn to change a road name to "Cam Newton Run."

The road in question, located off exit 57, is currently named Mike Hubbard Boulevard. Hubbard, the former Alabama speaker of the house and Auburn representative, was convicted on 12 counts of felony ethics charges last week and was removed from office immediately. These Auburn fans are trying to get ahead of the process by suggesting Newton as a new namesake for the well-traveled road.

"With exit 57 serving as a prominent gateway to Auburn fans, prospective students, opponents and the like, 'Cam Newton Run' recognizes one of Auburn's most famous graduates and athletes who has served as a prominent and effective ambassador for Auburn both on and off the field," the petition reads. "This rename also serves as a way to de-politicize what may be considered by many in this community to be a painful yet imminent name change. WDE and thanks for the support."

Newton's impact on Auburn -- a place where he not only won a national title but returned to finish his sociology in 2015 -- will last far beyond his time in the spotlight. Fans don't need his name on a road to cement his legacy, but if you've already decided to rename a road in town, the reigning NFL MVP is a great choice.

Cam Newton could get a road named in his honor if these Auburn fans get their way. USATSI