Independence Bowl renamed the AdvoCareV100 Bowl

Per the Shreveport Times, the humble bowl game that since 1976* has been known as the Independence Bowl despite a long series of corporate title sponsors -- including the original and undisputedly best sponsor in college football history, Poulan Weed-eater -- has finally joined many of its peers and abandoned any title other than its corporate sponsor's: it is now officially the AdvocareV100 Bowl.

If Advocare actually does play a role in beefing up the bowl's payout and profile, that'll be fine; Shreveport deserves something nice. But it's still jarring and sad to see a genial tradition that's been in place since before your humble blogger was born discarded like so many used weed-eaters, half-eaten tangerines or peaches, or disillusioned humanitarians.

So to celebrate the 37 years of now-former Independence-hood for the Shreveport bowl, here are five depressing things we find even less depressing than this name change:

1. Scott Stapp. Here is his least depressing song:

2. Ohio 45, Louisiana-Monroe 14 in the WarHawks' first-ever bowl game, one played in their home state in front of thousands of their home fans

3. A dog looking sad in one of those veterinary "cones of shame" that keep him or her from biting out his or her stitches

4. These college basketball uniforms, which debuted today:


5. The " Bowl"

*1976 was kind of a big year for America, see, what with it celebrating its 200th birthday and all.

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