Indiana now has the most losses in FBS history

Northwestern students celebrate their team becoming only the second losingest program in history. (US Presswire)

For years, Northwestern had been the losingest program in college football. A distinction that not only exhibits how long the program has existed but also how bad the program has been. In recent seasons, however, the Wildcats have turned a corner, finishing with at least six wins for five straight seasons. A streak that had allowed Indiana to catch the Wildcats in the losses category with 632 defeats.

On Saturday in Evanston, the two schools met on the football field to decide which school would be the new King of Losing and, after a 44-29 Northwestern win, the distinction now belongs to Indiana.

633 historic losses.

Northwestern didn't make things easy on itself, however, as it saw a 27-0 lead shrink to 39-27 in the fourth quarter before Kain Colter finally put things away with his fourth touchdown run of the day.

Indiana claims it "only" had 627 losses coming into the weekend. However, Northwestern blog Sippin' On Purple debunks that claim to show the Hoosiers now have 633 losses.

Frankly, if I were Indiana, I'd be glad to lay claim to the record. Your football program should be notable for something, even if it is futility. To do otherwise is just delaying the inevitable, anyway.

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