InfoGraphic: Most popular college football team by state

Most popular college football team by state. (Provided)

We've seen Hate Maps, but now it's time for a Love Map.

This one courtesy of TicketCity, which used social metrics, Google analytics and ticket pricing data to determine which college football teams were loved the most in each state.

Some states aren't much of a surprise -- Notre Dame in Indiana, USC in California, but what's going on in the state of Texas?

According to TicketCity, Texas A&M has a huge following on social media with twice as many Twitter followers and five times as many Facebook fans. Couple that with the fact that their tickets are averaging a higher price than the Longhorns and the Aggies easily are now the most popular team in the state.

Florida might be home to the national champion Florida State Seminoles, but the Gators are still the most popular team in the state of Florida.

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