Jalen Hurd's sudden decision to transfer from Tennessee was a strange one for a number of reasons.

Starting players don't typically announce that they're transferring in the middle of the season. That's normally reserved for actual reserves who aren't getting playing time. Furthermore, as a junior, the timing just seemed off. If Hurd wanted to, he could just leave Tennessee for the NFL Draft after the season, but instead he decided to transfer.

Again, it seemed like a strange choice, but it's one Hurd tried to explain in a lengthy tweet Sunday evening.

Hurd said the decision was one he had been mulling over for a long time, and that he believes the decision to leave is in his best interests. He also said that he has suffered "multiple injuries this year that were not and should not have been disclosed, including a concussion that sidelined me for the [Texas A&M] game."

Hurd explained that he knew Tennessee's offense wasn't "the best fit for me" when he came to Knoxville in 2014, but he "put that aside for my love of Tennessee." He hoped there would be scheme adjustments that better suited his strengths, but while they happened occasionally, they didn't happen "on a consistent enough basis."

His desire is to play in an offense better suited to his skill set, one that allows him to run but will "also allow me to show my abilities to catch the ball and be a mismatch for defenses."

Hurd finished his statement by saying he had nothing but respect for Tennessee coaches and that the Vols have "one of the best [fan bases] in the country."