Jameis Winston: Mullet Enthusiast

Jameis Winston can appreciate a quality mullet
Jameis Winston can appreciate a quality mullet. (USATSI)

After introducing himself to the world on Labor Day against Pittsburgh, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is now preparing for his second game as the starting quarterback of the Florida State Seminoles.

And what about this week's game against Nevada is Winston most excited about? Is it the chance to in front of his home crowd for the first time? Perhaps he looks forward to showing everybody that the Pitt game was not a fluke?

Nope. It's this.

Jameis Winston is a mullet enthusiast, apparently. Now, before you go judging Jameis too harshly for being so excited about a mullet, you should take a look at the mullet first.

The mullet in question belongs to Nevada's Brock Hekking, and it is truly the pinnacle of human achievement.


If this were the 14th century there would be monuments built in its honor. 

Glorious mullet photos courtesy of University of Nevada Athletics

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